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Maintaining Marine
Engines in Fishing Boats

English - Bengali


Safety and Health Promo Video


Maintaining Long tail Engines

English - Tamil - Telugu


CD-ROM - US $ 120/Rs 5500
DVD-ROM - US $ 150/Rs 6500

Small-scale Fisherfolk Communities in the
Bay of Bengal


A New Market,
A New Identity

Helping Self-reliance
among Fisherfolk of
North Sumatera,


Towards Cleaner
Fishing Harbours

New canoe for Sri Lanka


Seaweed Culture in Mandapam

Beach-hauling Devices, Maldives


Use of ice Aboard Fishing Boats of Andhra Pradesh

(A Street Play)


Sri Lanka's Offshore Fisheries

The Canoes of Nias, Indonesia


Extension Services in Ranong

Cleaner fishing
Harbours in the Maldives


Good Fish, Good Quality

Mognamapara - A case of Appropriate Technology


Pollution in Fishing

Better Feeds for
Better Shirmp


Prawn Seed Production
in Bangladesh

Taking the Code of
Conduct for Responsible Fisheries to the people:
A street play


Better Days in the Bay


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