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Who We Are?

The Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) has evolved from the erstwhile Bay of Bengal Programme of the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The establishment of the BOBP-IGO was conceived during the early stages of the Third Phase of the BOBP (1994 - 2000) and finally endorsed through a resolution at the 24th Meeting of the Advisory Committee of the erstwhile BOBP, held at Phuket, Thailand in October 1999 (Phuket Resolution).

The BOBP-IGO Agreement was formally signed by the Governments of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka at Chennai on 26 April 2003 and by the Government of Maldives at Chennai on 21 May 2003 (BOBP-IGO Agreement - Click Here)

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to promote, facilitate and secure the long-term development and utilisation of coastal fisheries resources of the Bay of Bengal based on responsible fishing practices and environmentally sound management programs.

What is Our Goal ?

Our goal is to connect member countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help their fisher folk build a better life.

What are Our Objectives?

Our core objectives are to:

  • increase awareness and knowledge of the needs, benefits and practices of coastal fisheries management;

  • enhance skills through training and education;

  • transfer appropriate technologies and techniques for development of small-scale fisheries;

  • establish a regional information networking; and

  • promote women's participation in coastal fisheries development at all levels.

What Sets Us Apart?

The BOBP-IGO is a unique regional fisheries body, specifically mandated to assist the member countries in increasing the livelihood opportunities and improving the quality of life of the small-scale/ artisanal fisher folk in the Bay of Bengal region (Click here for Map). Our forerunner, the BOBP, with a relentless focus on quality and objectivity, has already set international benchmarks in execution of programs and activities in the field of small-scale fisheries that has translated into measurable benefits for the member countries.

Our Members

Currently, member governments are Bangladesh, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka.
















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