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The Bay of Bengal Programme (BOBP) is an Inter-Governmental Organisation mandated to enhance cooperation among member countries, other countries and organisations in the region and provide technical and management advisory services for sustainable coastal fisheries development and management in the Bay of Bengal region.

About BOBP

At BOBP, we never lose sight of the fact that it is the small-scale/ artisanal fishermen who need us most and all our activities and end products are aimed at improving their quality of life. Click here to know about the Organisation, History, Mission, Goals, BOBP-IGO Agreement, Member Countries.


We are focused on helping the member countries in sustaining fisheries production and ensuring livelihood security for millions of fisher folk in the region. In line with their felt needs, a range of activities are planned for implementation 
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Publications and Software

Our products include a range of documents (working papers, reports, mimeographs, etc), video films and CD-ROMs, which can be downloaded from onefish's website or procured from the BOBP (click here for details)


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