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Fish Markets of Greater Chennai

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Fish markets are an important part of the overall supply chain of fish and fish products in the country. They act as a collecting point of fish and fish products from various production sources, both capture and culture, allowing the consumers to choose from a range of species and also products.

Chennai, the fourth largest city in India, is an important fish producing and consuming hub. While receiving abundant harvests of fin and shell fishes from the Bay of Bengal, Chennai also receives fresh water fish from aquaculture farms within Tamil Nadu and from neighboring states such as Andhra Pradesh.

Fish and fish products in Chennai are sold through an estimated 96 markets, spread within the City and its immediate neighbourhood of Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur Districts. These markets can be categorised as Wholesale, Retail and Street markets and their distribution is summarized below:

Distribution of Fish Markets in Greater Chennai
Type of Market North
Outer Chennai Total
Kancheepuram Tiruvallur
Wholesale Market 1 2 1 - 1 5
Retail Market 16 9 11 12 13 61
Street Market 2 5 7 7 9 30
Total 19 16 19 19 23 96

Interactive Map of Fish Markets in Chennai  

Most of the fish markets in Chennai need upgradation in terms of renovation or new construction, improvements in the existing facilities and also in the hygiene and sanitation conditions. Waste disposal is a major issue in most of the fish markets and needs immediate attention.

The Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation, under its Project entitled ‘Safe Fish’ has compiled the basic details of 96 fish markets of Greater Chennai, which would be of use to consumers, the Tamil Nadu Department of Fisheries, Chennai Municipal Corporation, Policy makers and those interested in safe and hygienic marketing of fish and products. The information contained here would be further enhanced with details such as volumes traded, average prices, etc.

I hope you would find the present work interesting and we would request you to give us your valuable feedback, which would help us in further improving and upgrading the database on fish markets of Chennai and its neighbourhood.

Thank You!

Interactive Map of Fish Markets in Chennai