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1. Introduction to the database:

What is this about?

The Bay of Bengal Programme is an Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) mandated to enhance cooperation among member countries, other countries and organisations in the Bay of Bengal region and provide technical and management advisory services for sustainable coastal fisheries development and management in the region. In the second meeting of the Governing Council of the BOBP-IGO in Colombo, Sri Lanka (12-13 December, 2005) it was decided to create a database of (a) Scientific Organisations, and (b) Individual Scientists from the region working on fisheries, aquaculture and related activities. Since such a database, particularly for the Bay of Bengal countries, does not exist, it was decided to begin with the member countries of the BOBP-IGO.

What are the objectives?

The larger objectives of creating this database are to enable the fisheries community to know of organisations and individuals that are involved in specific fisheries and aquaculture-related activities and would therefore, foster a healthy sharing and exchange of information between and amongst organisations and individuals. Once completed, the database will be shared not only amongst the member countries but also with a wider global fisheries audience.

Who can fill up the database form?

Organisations from the member countries of BOBP-IGO and their authorised representatives can fill up the form for Organisational information. Individual scientists from the member countries may fill up the form for Information for Individual Scientists by clicking the links.







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