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A proactive approach to documentation and information dissemination has characterised the BOBP's work from the very first phase. A visually appealing and professionally designed newsletter (Bay of Bengal News), systematic preparation and production of technical reports on all the aspects of BOBP work, a well- equipped library, photo documentation, impactful audio-visuals, video films, posters and comic books, CD-ROMs of the entire print output - together, these constitute a valuable body of knowledge. The Information service has powered the BOBP's success and longevity, and also strengthened interest worldwide on small-scale fisherfolk communities in the Bay of Bengal.

All the BOBP publications from 1979 to December 2000 are now available in a set of CD-ROMS and also on “onefish” website (http://www.onefish.org/id/3232). Publications of BOBP from January 2001 onwards shall also be on online shortly.

The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and its concise version 'What is the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries?' have been translated into several vernaculars and online versions are available on this website [Click here]

Copies of the publications, posters, CD-ROMs, Video Films can be ordered directly from BOBP (click for price list). Items are sent by airmail/ courier and packing and postage is charged extra.

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