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The BOBP-IGO has an impressive collection of photographs on the multi-dimensional aspects of the small-scale fisheries in the Bay of Bengal Region. The documentation covers a vast array of subjects, which includes - community and rural sociology; environment and resources; gear and craft; transfer of technology; education, extension and information; alternate livelihood; women in fisheries.

This unparalleled treasure of visual documentation, dating from 1979 onwards comprises 5 000 slides and about 45 000 frames (18 000 in B&W and the rest in colour), all neatly catalogued and preserved. The BOBP-IGO proposes to digitise the visual documentation and seeks funding assistance for this endeavour. 

An assorted sample of the visual documentation can be seen below. The photographs in this site (in 800 x 600 pixels) can also be down-loaded for printing or used as screensaver. 


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