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Technical Guidelines of CCRF in Tamil

Tamil-language versions of Technical Guidelines relating to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries have been prepared by the BOBP-IGO in booklet form. Booklets were distributed to fishers in Chennai on June 29, 2007 on the occasion of a one-day consultation with fishers, NGO representatives, government officials and other stakeholders.

The booklets have also been sent to the presidents of fisheries village committees through the Department of Fisheries at the district level. They have also been given to the DOF in Chennai.

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ICFO training project for CBFRM

BOBP-IGO co-operation with International Cooperative Fisheries Organization – training in community-based fishery resource management in Asian countries

The BOBP-IGO is assisting and facilitating a Japan-funded training project for promotion of CBFRM (community-based fishery resource management) in Asian countries. The five-year project began in Fiscal Year 2006, and will go on till Fiscal Year 2010. One country from Asia is selected every year. Philippines was the first country selected for project execution, Thailand is the second.

The project is being implemented by the International Cooperative Fisheries Organization (ICFO) of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). The project’s stated aims: to promote CBFRM by small-scale coastal fishers and their organizations; strengthen their activities; and thereby help sustainable production, job opportunities and poverty alleviation.

The project has three phases for every country. Under Phase 1, Japanese and other experts visit the selected country to study CBFRM and make recommendations. Phase 2 – a team of select fishers from the country visit Japan to study fisheries resource management activities there. Under Phase 3, a concluding project workshop is held in the selected country.

The BOBP-IGO has been entrusted with report preparation and production. So far, three reports have been prepared of the project work in the Philippines and two of work in Thailand.

 Philippines Reports 

 Thailand Reports 

 Vietnam Reports 

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